Wire maintenance

Wire & Router Maintenance   

Protect your inside wiring and/or router
So you have more time for this..........

Get the convenience and satisfaction of knowing a trained and qualified SMTA Technician will diagnose and repair covered inside wiring, jacks and connectors. Let your service problems receive a diagnosis and repair by a certified SMTA technician.

We'll provide maintenance for approved wiring from the protector to each jack in your home and service the repair of accidental damage to inside wiring or jacks due to normal wear and tear, natural aging of wire and damage caused by rodents or other animals.
Inside Wire Maintenance
  • Telephone Wire Maintenance        $1.95 month
  • Broadband Wire Maintenance       $3.95 month
  • Cable Wire Maintenance                 $3.95 month
Bundle ALL 3 and save $1.90 a month.
Router Maintenance
  • Router Maintenance             $13.95 Month (1st Router)
  • Have Additional Routers      $ 5.00 Month (w/the $13.95 plan)
Do you have TRIPLE PLAY?  Phone, Internet & Cable and added Router maintenance?  You get the Telephone, Broadband & Cable wire Maintenance at NO CHARGE.  
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