Basic Service                                  $53 per month                  

See Basic Programming
62 Channels and 14 Auto-Tune Channels
Basic Cable comes with just the programing.  There is no on-screen guide.

Add a box to your basic and receive an On-Screen Program Guide and Music (pricing per month)
Standard Box (no dvr or hd)    103 Channels        Add  $ 5
HD Box (no dvr)                           117 Channels        Add  $10
DVR/HD Box has it all!             117  Channels        Add  $15

Enhanced Service                         $70 per month

See Enhanced Non HD Programming
157 Channels   
This is a standard box to received the on screen guide, music, and Premium Channels if subscribed to. 
This box is mainly used for the on screen guide.  It is not HD Compatible and does not have a DVR

 Enhanced Service   HD Box         $75 per month

See Enhanced Programming with HD
197 Channels 
This is a High Def Box (HD) without a DVR
You will receive all of our programming available.  Premiums are additional

  Enhanced HD & DVR Service   $80 per month

See Enhanced Programming with HD
197 Channels
This box "does it all"  Receive all our programming including HD and enjoy the convenience of a DVR (digital video recorder)


Add additional NON DVR box to your Enhanced Pkg to a different room for $7.50 mo

Add Additional HD Box (no DVR) to your Enhanced Pkg to a different room for $12.50 mo

Add Additional DVR box to your Enhanced Pkg to a different room for $17.50 mo

Movie packages

Our cable service in Scio offers many options to choose from:

HBO Movie Plex (10 Channels) $18.00
Cinemax Multiplex (6 channels) $11.00
HBO and Cinemax Combo (16 channels) $28.00
Showtime and Movie Channel (16 channels) $14.00
Starz! Super Pak and Encore (20 channels) $13.00
See Channel lineup for a detail on each package

Triple Play Bundle

Subscribe to all three of our services, Telephone, Broadband, and Cable and you will receive a $10 Monthly Bill Credit and free voice mail.


Twice each year, the sun is positioned directly in line with the ground-based satellite dish antennas used to receive CATV programming.
When the HITS Quantum digital signal is interrupted by the sun’s energy, the set top converter displays “one moment please” on the affected channel(s). This condition will be present for several minutes each day during the sun outage

Local advertising

Local access channel
Form at bottom of page to submit an ad
1 Month   $20.00 Anniversaries
2 Weeks  $12.00  Business advertising
1 Week  $ 8.00  Special notices
  • Garage sales
  • Birthdays
  • Items to sell
  • Meetings
  • Upcoming events
We also offer birthdays and anniversaries for a surcharge of $5.00. Services are free for non-profit organizations.
Each year cable networks and broadcast affiliates continue to increase the programming fees they charge Scio Cablevision for the right to deliver their movies, shows and sporting events. Today, over 80% of cable programming you receive is delivered by nine powerful media conglomerates that continue to push higher fees and require carriage of low value networks to obtain favorable rates on their high value content.

Scio Cablevision, along with hundreds of local, indeopendent Cable TV Providers throughout the country are working together to keep these costs in check. By uniting with other companies, we can work together to achieve more flexibility and better offerings for you at the lowest possible price. We also want to keep you up-to-date on these effocts through a new website.
TV On My Side

On-Line Channel 7 Advertising

Please note when leaving information to be aired on the acccess channel that, LESS IS ALWAYS BETTER. Pictures can be emailed to Please call if you have any questions. 503-394-2995.

Contact Us

1 Month $20.00
2 Weeks $12.00
1 Week $8.00
Birthday/Anniversary Ad $5
Keep running until I stop
Non Profit Ad run through event
Bill my card. (please call with credit card #)
Non-profit No Charge
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