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2014-07-29 12:00:00
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2014-07-29 0:52:00
Man's obituary: 'Please don't email me, I'm dead'

When a Pennsylvania man died, he left behind a now-viral reminder of his life and his quirky sense of humor.
2014-07-29 4:08:00
Husband of missing Dundee woman Jennifer Huston: 'This is totally unlike her'The husband of a missing Dundee woman, flanked by her parents and other friends and family, fought back tears as he answered questions Monday about the search for Jennifer Huston.

We Take Your Privacy VERY Seriously - CPNI

SMTA respects the privacy of our customers and our employees do everything possible to protect information that may be found in your account records.  The Federal Communications Commission rules require certain steps be taken to protect Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

If requested, SMTA will provide account in formation to our customers in one of the following ways.

  • We will verify information that is on your account to be sure we are speaking to the person on the account;
  • We may call the telephone number of record and provide the account information;
  • We may mail the information to the address of record;
  • We may ask for a current drivers license to verify information if you request that information in our office.

The rules will not interfere with quality customer service.  If you wish to receive additional information regarding CPNI rules and how they are implemented, please call or stop by our office.  

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SMTA Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

April 23, 2014 SMTA adopted new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  If you would like a copy emailed to you, please fill out the submission form below and we will be happy to email you a copy. 

This information is considered confidential and allowed to view by SMTA Members only.

Please call us at 503.394.3366 should you have any question.

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